Aesthetic, Medical DeviceTraining

 All our laser equipment's come with two days training course at your clinic as a part of sale package which includes:

- Laser room requirement.
- Information on operating laser machine.
- Detailed understanding of laser parameters.
 -Understanding safety of laser.
 -Application training.
- Recommended Laser Parameter Settings.
- Live demonstration of laser machine on your client.
 -Watching your performance and monitoring your treatment method.

 At the end of training session we will provide you with application certificate.

Training phase 1

2 days course in your clinic, on the same day that we will install the machine.
( You will need to organise at least 6 people to treat.)

First day

10am - 12 pm - System Installation

1pm - EOB -  Training beginning:

The training doesn't have a real time schedule, but the subjects that we will talk about are:

- General system overview and usability

- Explanation of the patient consent form

- Device settings overview

- Explanation of the Treatment protocols

- Tattoo Removal after care

- How to treat multi color Tattoo's

- How to treat difficult Tattoo's

- Treatment of Benign Pigmented Lesions

- How to perform Skin Tightening

- 3 Treatments on real patients

Second day:10am - EOB

- 3 Treatments on real patients

- We will hand over the system to you, and you will perform the remaining treatments under our supervision

- At the end of the day we will give you a form (attached) to fill and sign, and after that we will give you a certificate that demonstrates the fact that you have successfully completed the training with Aussie Medi Tech.

Training phase 2 (Optional)

You will need to fly to Sydney to undertake one day refreshment training in one of our client clinic just to show you what how our experienced customers run their businesses and how they perform their treatments.