Laser Tattoo Removal Marketing Tips: Boost Your Sales without Spending Money

Whether you have just started your laser tattoo removal business or run an already established clinic, to increase visibility and traffic, and to reach out to prospective customers, you need a highly efficient marketing strategy.

While Google Adwords is a quick and successful method, there are several other equally effective methods you can use without spending any money on the marketing. Free marketing and press are things no business would refuse. Here are some such effective marketing strategies that do not require any cash input.


Blogging is a perfect marketing technique for laser tattoo removal, offering you multiple benefits such as:

-  Increases website traffic

ü  Helps in improving your website’s search engine optimization by adding more pages to your website, ensuring your site features in the search engines

ü  Increase awareness by sharing via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc

ü  And most importantly blogging is free. At the outset, it may seem time consuming and tedious work but it can make your marketing strategy easier and effective

Make sure you have frequent posts on tattoo removal and your target audience. With blog posts, you can also increase your credibility and authority in the subject and retain a competitive edge.

Social Media

The power of voice is better felt today through social media which brings several benefits for your business such as:

ü  You can increase your customer base

ü  Reinforce relationship with existing customers

ü  Share your blog content and attract potential clients who like and share the content, thus increasing your social network

ü  Share updates on special discounts and offers

ü  Provide exemplary customer service via addressing comments, resolving concerns, and answering questions directly in real time. This makes clients trust you and they recommend you to others more readily

Some of the important social media accounts that are ideal for this business include:


Being one of the biggest platforms in social media, you can reach out to a wider demographic with a Facebook profile. It is easy and simple to use and perfect for targeting a particular customer base.


You can increase your reviews and ratings with Yelp. This is ideal for connecting locally. You get immediate positive or negative reviews. It is best to ask customers to review immediately after they have availed your service.


This is a great platform to generate reviews. By setting up a My Business account with Google, you can link to the Google Adwords account you have, enabling map listing and business information to be seen whenever your business ads are viewed. All information related to your business including business hours, phone number, and maps listing will appear on the search engine result pages.


Sharing videos and pictures is done best with Instagram. Since photos before, during, and after treatment speak more effectively than any other method, using this medium is ideal for your marketing. Prospective clients set up an appointment with you readily after they see the effects of the procedure visually. You can also track the treatment results throughout your procedure.

Free Publicity via Press

Using a local radio, news channel, magazine or newspaper is another significant way of marketing your business. With reputed publications featuring your ads, your credibility will surge. 

A few tips for grabbing press attention include:

ü  Approach news sources or publications which focus on your specific customer base

ü  Have a unique story published that will grab attention and is shared more with others

Some cool press ad ideas include:

Special deals: Offering free or discounted deals on laser tattoo removal on important days like Election Day and other national holidays

Bad tattoo: Launch a unique contest where the public can pass on a story of bad tattoo work with images and offer free tattoo removal or at a discounted price.

Get Referrals

Referrals provide a wonderful opportunity to expand your customer base. The average age of patient requesting tattoo removal is around late 20s. When you focus on this specific demographic, which covers beauty clinics, medical spas, tattoo shops, and clinics for laser hair removal and even military recruiters or bases, you can create a solid referral partnership.

Offering special incentives for other businesses with referral potential works best as an effective tool. You can refer your clients back to a tattoo shop for tattoo cover-up or for more artwork.  Similarly, you can refer your clients to a medical spa.

Since tattoos are not allowed in the military, by offering discounted tattoo removal with lasers to military personnel, veterans, and active members can help you gain more customers.

Email Marketing

The fundamentals of advertising still find its roots strong with email marketing. Contrary to popular opinion, email marketing does not need expensive marketing techniques. It is easy and free to set up. Start with Mail Chimp which allows automated messages and marketing emails for free.

With proper email marketing you can:

-Boost lead generation

-Increase customer engagement

-Share updates on the services you offer with customers

-Create reminder emails about the subsequent appointments

With email marketing, you can ensure you pay continuous attention to your customers. This increases the prospects of clients returning to you regularly or referring your services to their friends and family.

While marketing is vital for both established and new laser tattoo removal services, it is not necessary to allocate a huge budget for it. With some smart planning, you can easily shore up quite a number of free resources which are as effective as high-priced strategies and sometimes even more.

Regardless of the marketing strategies you employ, you need to be committed and ready to put in the required effort if you aim at profitable results.

To know more about how you can make a huge impact in laser tattoo removal business, call us now! Our representatives are ready to help you through every step of your journey and make it a successful one. Allow us to help you take that leap in your business domain!