Mike Anderson and Chloe Karr from Think Again Laser Clinic share their experience in using Quanta System Q-Plus C by Aussie Medi Tech.

Why did you select the technology in your salon, over any other?

It took me and my business partner over 12 months of careful research. It is not until you completely understand the process from a scientific perspective that you can make a decision on which machine is better suited. We carefully assessed the specifications of the Quanta comparing it to competing models and found that for laser tattoo removal, this machine was the only choice. Many competing systems just did not have the evidence to support their claims.

How much did the local demographic influence your equipment offering?

Since we only perform one treatment at our clinic it was imperative that the laser system we chose was going to achieve the best results for us. Depending on what services you perform the choice of equipment may differ but for us, it was the only choice until there is a new technology designed to provide better results.

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