Quanta Chrome Lase Station – Reinventing the Q-Switched laser technology through innovation and flexibility

Chrome Indications

More than 50 different kinds of treatments with one device including

  • Epidermal Pigmented Lesions
  • Dermal Pigmented Lesions
  • Multicolour Tattoo removal
  • Vascular Lesions
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Ablative and Non-Ablative Skin Resurfacing
  • Skin Peeling
  • Nail Fungal Infection
  • Skin Tightening
  • Acne Scar revision and Inflammatory Acne
Quanta System Chrome Lase Station Top Side View

Chrome Overview

Chrome is the new Quanta System expandable Laser Platform based on an innovative Q-Switched Nd:Yag (1064nm & 532nm) technology that allows Repetition Rates up to 20 Hz.
Upgradeable with up to 7 modules the device represents a real revolution in the treatment of Skin conditions. The operator can perform more than 50 different types of treatments thanks to its modularity and its Skin Apps.
Chrome Skin Apps are a series of predefined settings that use different technologies to achieve the ultimate result for your patient.
The Skin Apps allows patients to easily understand the treatment packages and allows even operators with no experience with lasers to easily perform the treatments.

Chrome Advantages

  • FASTEST Q-Switched Nd:Yag (1064nm & 532nm) up to 20 Hz
  • TWO Emission modes in the basic configuration (Q-Switched and Opti-Pulse)
  • SEVEN additional optional modules to expand your treatments range
  • OPTIZOOM Round Flat Top Handpiece from 2mm up to 8mm (0.25mm increments)
  • NO DYE HANDPIECE Consumables for Excellent ROI
  • NATURAPEEL Handpiece for carbon peel treatments – Optional
  • ROSSO Handpiece for Purpura Free Pigmented Lesions and Tattoo Removal – Optional
  • DEEP FRACTIONAL Handpiece for Scars, Wrinkles and Skin Tightening – Optional
  • HIGH COVERAGE FRACTIONAL Handpiece for Pigmented Lesions on sensible skins – Optional
  • PULSED 1064nm MODULE for vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation and Nail Fungus – Optional
  • TWAIN IPL Handpiece for photo-epilation and Active Acne – Optional
  • TWAIN 2940 for fully ablative and fractional ablative treatments – Optional
Chrome Modules

What is Included in your purchase

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Comprehensive Clinical Training

We offer 2 days of personalised training in your clinic and ongoing remote application support 24/7 all year round.

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24 Hour Technical Support

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Powerful Q-Switched Expandable Multi Laser Platform

Extremely Powerful and Fast Q-Switched Technology with two separate emission modes

With the extremely short pulse duration (6ns) and high peak power, Chrome’s Q-Switched laser source can efficiently generate a photo-acoustic effect. This considerably reduces thermal interaction with surrounding tissue especially in Laser Tattoo Removal and Pigmented Lesions Treatments. Consequently, undesired tattoos and pigmentations on the skin can be fragmented into small particles to be naturally removed from the body through phagocytosis.

The two emission modes (Q-Switched and Opti-Pulse) available with the Chrome Q-Switched module allows for treatments on all skin types with little to no-downtime.

The Q-Switched (Nd:YAG 1064/532nm) laser source is natively used with the brand new Optizoom Handpiece (check the Accessories section to know more) for Tattoo Removal (Black, Dark Blue, Brown, Red, Orange tattoo colours) and Pigmented Lesions, but it can be expanded firstly with the optional Deep Fractional Handpiece for Scar Remodelling and Wrinkles. Secondly with the optional High Coverage Fractional Handpiece for Pigmented Lesions and scars on more sensible skins. Thirdly with the optional Naturapeel Handpiece for carbon-peel organic treatments.

Q-Switched Module Handpieces
Chrome Rosso Module

ROSSO Module

Fast, durable and short pulse Q-Switched Ruby Laser

Rosso is the fast, durable, non-consumable (it is not a DYE Handpiece) Ruby (694nm) Handpiece that allows to further expand Chrome’s treatments range.

With speeds of up to 10 Hz and a peak power of 27 MW, Rosso is designed for pigmented lesions removal on darker and PIH prone skin types thanks to its 694nm wavelength that has the lowest competitive absorption in blood. It can also be used for the removal of small Green, Blue and Sky Blue Tattoo’s.

Check the accessories tab for more information

Long Pulse Nd:YAG 1064 nm Module

Expanding treatments to vascular lesions

The Long Pulse Nd:YAG 1.064 nm Chrome Module is well recognized as the most effective laser for the treatment of vascular lesions, especially leg veins. This wavelength is absorbed by Hb (Haemoglobin) and can penetrate really deep into the skin (almost 5 mm).

Designed to work with the native OptiZoom handpiece can also treat Onychomycosis (Nail Fungus), Active Acne and Skin Rejuvenation.

To further expand and enhance specific treatment outcomes it can be used with the optional NaturaPeel Handpiece, the Deep Fractional Handpiece and High Coverage Fractional Handpiece.

Chrome Pulsed Nd:YAG Module Handpieces
Chrome Twain Modules

TWAIN Modules

Upgrades for even more applications

TWAIN 2940

The Twain 2940 handpiece has been designed to perform ablation procedures, both fractional and full spot. The Er:YAG laser Twain 2940 nm is able, through the variation of pulse parameters, to remove the layers of skin with minimal thermal damage or produce a higher coagulation suitable for the stimulation of collagen production.


TWAIN IPL is available with 6 different wavelength ranges and contact skin cooler to include Photo-Epilation, Vascular Lesions, Active Acne and Acne Vulgaris Treatments

Chrome Skin Apps

Six Simple Treatment Packages for your patients 

The Chrome Skin Apps are exclusive Skin Treatment Packages, each providing a different kind of skin procedure. Each skin app employs different pre-defined technologies and settings to achieve the best result possible for the patients.

Skin Apps increase patient’s personal involvement with an easy way of choosing the right package for them.

Chrome NaturaPeel Skin App


NaturaPeel is the Skin App for the removal of skin impurities and reduction of enlarged pores for a smooth, glowing skin on the go.

It involves the use of the Q-Switched module, the NaturaPeel Handpiece and NaturaPeel Cream. It can also be used with the Long Pulse Nd:YAG module for an increased tightening effect.

The NaturaPeel Cream is a completely natural cream based on bamboo carbon extracts for a more eco-friendly and sustainable procedure.

Chrome Decollete Skin App


Décolleté is the Skin App designed to result in a skin free of vascularisations, redness, sun spots, ageing spots and at the same time in a tighter and uniformly toned skin.

It involves the use of the Q-Switched module, Deep Fractional Handpiece module, High Coverage Fractional Handpiece module, and TWAIN IPL Module.

The ROSSO Handpiece can be used for faster results on darker skin types but is not essential for the procedure.

Chrome Refresh Skin App


Refresh is the Skin App that greatly reduces age spots, sun spots and undesired pigmentations, brightening and revitalising the skin with no down-time.

It involves the Q-Switched module and the Deep Fractional Handpiece module.

Chrome Refresh Bronze Skin App

Refresh Bronze

Refresh Bronze is the Skin App that greatly reduces age spots, sun spots and undesired pigmentations, brightening and revitalising the skin with no down-time on darker skin types.

It involves the Q-Switched module, the Deep Fractional Handpiece module and the ROSSO Handpiece Module.

Chrome Sculpt Skin App


Sculpt is the Skin App designed to reduce skin irregularities, increase texture definition, and to tighten the skin through laser skin peeling and laser skin resurfacing.

It involves the Q-Switched Module, The TWAIN 2940 Module and the Long Pulse Nd:YAG Module.

Chrome Revivo Skin App


Revivo is the Skin App designed to efficiently reduce vascularisations (redness) and skin irregularities, by increasing tissue firming at the same time.

It involves the Q-Switched Module, Deep Fractional Module, High Coverage Fractional Module, TWAIN 2940 Module and the Long Pulse Nd:YAG Module.


OptiZoom Handpiece

Chrome OptiZoom Handpiece

Ultimate optics for the highest treatment precision

OptiZoom is a Round variable spot size Flat-Top Handpiece that is natively provided with the Chrome Lase Station. It is intended to be used with the native Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths but also with the optional Long Pulse Nd:YAG 1064nm module. The features of the Handpiece are:

  • Round Spot Size from 2mm to 8mm with steps of 0.25mm resolution
  • Perfect to perform most of the treatments available
  • It works in Q-Switched, Opti-Pulse and Long Pulse Nd:YAG emission modes
  • The Spot Size is automatically detected
  • The Fluence is automatically calculated based on the variation of the spot size, repetition rate and wavelength

NaturaPeel Handpiece

Chrome NaturaPeel Handpiece

Fixed Handpiece for cream assisted laser peeling

NaturaPeel is a 6mm Round Spot Flat Top Beam Handpiece based on proprietary OptiBeam II Technology specifically designed for carbon-peel treatments.

The Handpiece is equipped with a protective window and a longer tip in order to protect the internal lens from dust particles produced by the carbon-peel treatment.

Unlike traditional carbon-peel treatments Chrome uses an eco-friendly bamboo wood based cream with cosmetic active ingredients for a natural WOW effect.

NaturaPeel Handpiece and Cream can be used with the native Q-Switched Module and with the Long Pulse Nd:YAG 1064nm Module.

Optibeam II Deep Fractional Handpiece

Chrome Deep Fractional Handpiece

Deep Fractional multi-level solution for skin resurfacing

The Optibeam II Deep Fractional Handpiece is an 8mm spot size fractional handpiece that allows for 5% coverage using the 1064nm Q-Switched Module and 3% coverage using the 532nm Q-Switched Module.

It’s main purpose is to improve scarred tissue, reduce fine lines and break down resistant tattoo’s. It is the only handpiece on the market able to perform a dual layer effect on the skin by generating LIOB’s in the deep dermis and gently ablating the skin surface.

It can also be used with the Long Pulse Nd:YAG 1064nm Module.

Optibeam II High Coverage Fractional Handpiece

Chrome High Coverage Fractional Handpiece

High Coverage perfection for fractional treatment of pigmentations

The Optibeam II High Coverage Fractional Handpiece is a 9mm round spot size handpiece that allows a skin coverage of 25% with the 1064nm Q-Switched Module and a coverage of 20% with the 532nm Q-Switched Module.

It is primarily used to treat pigmented lesions on very delicate skins to greatly reduce the risk of PIH especially when using the 532nm wavelength.

It can also be used with the Long Pulse Nd:YAG 1064nm Module.

ROSSO Handpiece

Chrome Rosso Handpiece

Ultra durable active 694nm Q-Switched Laser Handpiece

The solid state technology of the Rosso handpiece generates a real Ruby Q-Switched 694nm wavelength with a short pulse duration of 6ns. It’s power is up to 27 MW and it is not a Dye Handpiece, meaning that the handpiece is not a consumable and is long lasting.

It’s primarily used for pigmented lesions on PIH sensitive skins, and thanks to it’s very low absorption in blood allows for treatment with no purpura.

It can also be used on small green and blue tattoo’s and it is available with 3 different spot sizes (2mm, 3mm and 4mm)

TWAIN 2940nm Handpiece

Chrome Twain2940 Handpiece

Ablative Power in your hands

Twain 2940nm is an Er:YAG Handpiece designed for full spot and fractional ablative treatments. Through the variation of pulse parameters, is able to remove layers of skin with minimal thermal damage or produce a higher coagulation suitable for the stimulation of collagen production.

It is available with 3 different full spot sizes (2mm, 4mm, 9mm round) and 1 fractional spot size (9mm round).

TWAIN IPL Handpiece

Chrome Twain IPL Handpiece

A Mix of Power and versatility

The Twain IPL optional Handpiece of Chrome  lase station is based on a proprietary technology producing the best performances available on the market. It can be provided with fixed and changeable filters and skin cooling feature for handpieces with fixed waveguides (only for spot size of 48×13 mm²). This handpiece emits a pulse of intense light, which is absorbed selectively by the chromophores of the skin (melanin, haemoglobin and water) and transformed into heat to address specific targets, such as hairs, pigmentations or blood vessels.

The Handpiece is available in 2 different sizes (48×13 mm and 25x13mm) and in 6 different wavelength ranges (400 – 1200 nm for inflammatory acne and acne vulgaris; 550 – 1200 nm for vascular lesions, benign pigmented lesions and skin rejuvenation; 570 – 1200nm for skin rejuvenation on lighter skin photo-types; 590 – 1200 nm, 625 – 1200 nm and 650 – 1200 nm for Photo-Epilation).

Before & After
Before & After NaturaPeel Skin App Treatment
Before & After Refresh Skin App Treatment
Before & After Revivo Skin App Treatment
Before & After Decollete Skin App Treatment
Before & After Refresh Bronze Skin App Treatment
Before & After Sculpt Skin App Treatment


Chrome Specifications
Chrome Technical Specifications
Modules and Treatments
Chrome Modules and Treatments

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