Multipurpose platform to provide solutions for every patient:
  • Face lifting
  • Face drainage
  • Detoxifying action
  • Bosom push-up
  • Action on signs of cellulite
  • Action of located adipose
  • Body toning
  • Venous and lymphatic drainage
  • Body relaxation and endorphins stimulation


EGOTM  combines the traditional and comforting value of a manual massage with all the benefit of   non-invasive aesthetic technologies for the face and body.

EGOTM uses the synergy of three different technologies;

  • Photo BioStimulation: Specific wavelengths for deep action
  • Bio-Electrical Stimulation: Uses microcurrent technology
  • Electro Stimulation Electric impulses that stimulate muscle contraction

While the LED light increases the cellular energy, tones and prevents cellulite, Electrical impulses tone up the muscles and micro-currents work on the micro circulation enhancing the elimination of toxin and regeneration of the tissues.


  • Multiapplication platform for the Face and body
  • Three High performing technologies in one device
  • Mobile and Lightweight portable device (3.8kgs)
  • Supports and enhance of cosmeceutical treatments
  • Relaxing and comfortable treatments
  • Lunch break procedure
  • Excellent ROI
  • Non-invasive with no downtime

Three Technologies to expand your practice:

Photo BioStimulation: Uses specific emission of light (LED)  wavelengths.

  • 630nm (Red light) which promotes collagen regeneration and increases microcirculation
  • 830 nm or Near infrared light which acts on inflammatory processes involved in lymphatic draining and increasing cellular metabolism.

Bio-Electrical Stimulation:

Electric Low intensity Microcurrents stimulate tissue regeneration, muscle toning and skin lifting.

Electro Stimulation

  • Medium intensity electrical impulses able to cause a muscle contraction. Muscle contractions promote lipolysis, toning, and fluid drainage.
  • 2 handpieces
  • 4 fingers cap size S
  • 4 fingers cap size M
  • 4 fingers cap size L
Before & After


Power Supply 12Vdc-5A
Power Adapter 90 – 240Vac 50/60Hz 100 VA medical class
Graphic Interface Colour or display 7” high resolution with capacitive touch screen

User-friendly software with preset programs

DIMENSION (LxHxW) Washable and with a durability
WEIGHT 3,8 Kgs

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