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EVA Enhancement Vaginal Anatomy


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EVA Enhancement Vaginal Anatomy offers a safe, effective and comfortable non-ablative solution for the treatment of the most common gynecological conditions. EVATM employs innovative Dynamic Quadripolar Radio frequency (DQRFTM) energy designed to trigger vulvar tissue remodeling. DQRFTM utilises FOUR electrodes designed to focus energy emission precisely on three different tissue layers using heat to stimulate sub-dermal collagen production and tissue remodeling, whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Through the DQRFTM technology, EVATM stimulates the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and thus naturally rejuvenating and restoring the normal physiology of the tissue.


  • Three exclusive technologies
  • Painless, non-invasive, non-ablative technology
  • Short sessions, easy to program
  • No Downtime, no anesthesia
  • Ergonomic Sterilizable Handpiece
  • Real time temperature detectors and Movement sensors
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A significant number of women at different stages of reproductive life that suffer from one or more intimate conditions are seeking for safe, effective and non-invasive treatment options.  More procedures are now available aimed at relieving the symptoms and discomfort associated with the Genitourinary Syndrome of menopause (GSM) and post-delivery vaginal laxity. These compromised genital aesthetics and discomfort and irritation in everyday life have a significant impact on women’s self-image, self-esteem and overall quality of life.

EVATM  has been clinical proven to improve  GSM and VVA symptoms and  showed perceived psychological benefits and reduced daily life discomfort.

Three exclusive technologies for focused, safe and non-invasive action all in one platform

EVATM stimulates a regenerative tissue response thanks to the synergistic action of three innovative and exclusive technologies:

  • VDRTM (Vaginal Dynamic Radiofrequency)
  • RSSTM (Radiofrequency Safety System)
  • UPRTM (Ultra Pulsed Radioporation)
EVA Radiofrequency - DQRF Chart
EVA Radiofrequency - Internal Tip

Vaginal Dynamic Radiofrequency (VDRTM)

The core technology of EVATM . VDRTM   is based on the emission of dynamic quadripolar energy focused on high precision focusing thermal energy directly on the targeted layer of vaginal tissue whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

Safety integrated technology RSSTM

EVATM thanks to the Radiofrequency Safety System RSSTM   has been clinically proven to be a safe and a well-tolerated treatment for the indications of vaginal rejuvenation

The RSSTM   integrated technology combines the assisting action of a movement sensor together with a real time temperature sensor to assist the operator to ensure effective and safe treatments with no risk of thermal damage to surrounding tissue.  Additionally women can pause the sessions with a bio-feedback button therefore allowing the client total control of the treatment.

EVA - Temperature Sensors Explained
EVA Radiofrequency - Penetration Curve

Ultra Pulsed Radioporation (UPR™)

Enhance results with the UPR technology a recent development of DQRFTM that facilitates the efficient penetration of topical agents into vulvo-vaginal tissues, further enhancing the DQRFTM anti-atrophic efficacy. UPRTM acts by opening aqueous channels in cell membranes and therefore allows greater penetration of actives into the deep layers of vulvar skin and vaginal mucosa.

Figure 1- Rosario T, Raichi M (Clin Obstet Gynecol Reprod Med, Volume 4(3): 1-5 2018 )

  • 3 handpieces equipment:
    • 2 for internal applications
    • 1 for external procedures)
  • Automatic detecting system and pre-stored corresponding programs habilitations
  • Sterilizable and autoclavable handpieces
  • Watertight and sterilizable handpieces
EVA Radiofrequency Handpieces


POWER SUPPLY 90-240 VAC 50/60HZ 100VA
VDR™ TECHNOLOGY 1 MHz dynamic quadripolar
RSS™ TECHNOLOGY Multiple control radiofrequency system

(movement and 4-points temperature

monitoring) technology

HAND-PIECES 3 handpieces equipment (2 for internal applications and 1 for external procedures)

Automatic detecting system and pre-stored corresponding programs habilitations

Sterilizable and autoclavable handpieces

Watertight and sterilizable handpieces

Inner multi-temperature detectors

Inner movement detectors

Safety Key Switch to turn on the device

Emergency button


RSS technology as above

CONTROL UNIT High resolution LCD color display

Capacitive multitouch screen

Wired, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

Remote update and service

DIMENSION 460 mm x 460 mm x 460 mm

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