ONDA CoolwavesTM

Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring – the revolution in Cellulite, Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening

Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring Indications

Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring Reduces, Remodels and Regenerates

  • Localised Adiposity
  • Cellulite
  • Skin Laxity
Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring Machine

Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring Overview

ONDA Coolwaves by Deka is a state-of-the-art multi-application body contouring device that improves Cellulite, Fat Reduction and Skin Tightening using revolutionary CoolwavesTM  technology in a non-invasive way.

Coolwaves™ are high-frequency (2.45GHz) electromagnetic currents that selectively target fat cells whilst stimulating the production of new collagen to tighten and reshape the body in a safe, effective and non-invasive way. ONDA is used in place of Radiofrequency technology for tightening and skin toning and is used as an alternative or in conjunction with traditional techniques such as Cryolipolysis or Liposuction.


  • Multi-Application Body Contouring device
  • Treatment of multiple body areas including “double chin”
  • Non-Invasive with No downtime
  • High patient satisfaction with results observed from the first session
  • No Consumables for Excellent ROI
  • Not limited to applicators therefore suitable for all body shapes
  • Short 10min sessions per 15cmx15cm area
  • Integrated Cooling technology for safety and comfort
  • Treat more areas in less time compared to other devices on the market
  • Awarded twice as best innovative technology

A Complete 3 in 1 body contouring device that simultaneously targets Fat, Cellulite and Skin laxity

CoolwavesTM Action on:

Fat Reduction: CoolwavesTM bypass the upper layers of the skin and deeply penetrate subdermal fat layers. The thermal energy disrupts the membranes of subcutaneous fat cells through a mechanism called “blebbing”, resulting in fat cell death. These are naturally eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

Cellulite:  Coolwaves™ effectively targets the connective tissue (septa) between the adipose lobules in different stages of cellulite. The Septa through the thermal action are solubilised, which regenerate and stimulate new and more elastic collagen fibres. The results are almost immediate and as result ONDA is now considered the most effect device to fight cellulite.

Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring - Cellulite
Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring - Skin tightening

Skin tightening:  Coolwaves™ causes a shrinkage in collagen fibres at the dermis that consequently stimulates the production of new collagen fibres for firmer and more toned skin.

What are CoolwavesTM ?

Coolwaves™ are high-frequency (2.45GHz) electromagnetic currents (Microwaves) that selectively target fat cells whilst stimulating the production of new collagen to tighten and reshape the body in a safe, effective and non-invasive way. 2.45GHz is a high frequency that belongs to a microwave domain that is preferentially absorbed by fat molecules rather than water molecules. Consequently, it is minimally absorbed by the dermo-epidermal layers and directly targets subdermal fat tissue layers.

ONDA is the first device in the body contouring market to utilise an energy source that simultaneously targets fat, cellulite and skin laxity.

Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring Spectrum

How do CoolwavesTM work ?

Microwave technology is not a newcomer in medical applications. It has been widely used in many branches of medicine up to now including Oncology to fight against cancer since early 1980s, surgery and dermatology.

The reason why Coolwaves™ target fat cells in a safe and effective way depends on the specific 2.45GHz frequency that Coolwaves™ uses. At such a high frequency, the skin becomes almost transparent to this passage of energy concentrating the heat primarily in the targeted sub-dermal fat layers.

Thanks to this selective microwave frequency of 2.45GHz, ONDA Coolwaves achieves deep and targeted action, whilst persevering the skin surface from unwanted excess heat. ONDA Coolwaves achieves deep and targeted action compared to other body contouring device technologies.

Unlike radiofrequency energy that mostly remains closely to the surface, CoolwavesTM specifically reach the hyperdermis where the fat cells are located, for treatment to be effective.

In Numbers:

  • 80% of CoolwavesTM energy targets the fat cells
  • 20% Energy Absorbed by the epidermal and dermal layers
Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring, RF Comparison depth

Why is the ONDA so Effective?

For effective non-surgical fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening improvement there are crucial temperature thresholds required.

It has been shown that adipocyte cell viability decreases more than 80% when treated to 50oC at subdermal layers, for short periods.  Selective heating of subcutaneous tissues to 50oC would deliver lethal thermal exposures to adipocyte cells while protecting the superficial skin at safe temperatures1. In addition, in order to destroy the integrity of target adipocytes cell membranes, a controlled temperature of 42-47 oC must be maintained which ultimately leads to cell death2. Studies also suggests for effective cellulite reduction and collagen formation temperatures need to exceed 50 -55 OC.

ONDA has been shown to reach over 50-53OC temperatures at sub-dermal layers, leading to more effective and higher percentage of fat reduction (compared to other devices on the market) and additionally more effective results on cellulite and skin tightening. This is all thanks to the selective 2.45GHz frequency (CoolwavesTM) used to concentrate energy directly at sub-dermal fat layers.

Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring, histology
  1. Franco W, Kothare A, Ronan SJ, et al. Hyperthermic injury to adipocyte cells by selective heating of subcutaneous fat with a novel radiofrequency device: feasibility studies. Laser Surgical Med. 2010;42:361-370.
  2. Schilling, Laura & Saedi, Nazanin & Weiss, Robert. (2017). 1060 nm Diode Hyperthermic Laser Lipolysis:The Latest in Non-Invasive Body Contouring. Journal of drugs in dermatology : JDD. 16. 48-52.
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Comfort & Safety is achieved with Smart Handpieces

Coolwaves™ are delivered through two specifically designed smart handpieces called “Deep” and “Shallow”. Both are inbuilt with an intergraded cooling system that reaches 5 o C to ensure total patient comfort.

The Synergy between the two patent pending handpieces allows for:

  • Regression of the cellulite
  • Reduction of Localised Fat Deposits
  • Toned, elastic skin with a reduction in flabbiness
  • Harmonious remodelling of the body contours

Coolwaves™ are emitted in a controlled manner focusing energy only where needed, preserving surrounding tissue and organs. This is due to its built-in Energy Flow Control System, which controls the temperature and ensures that the exact amount of energy is delivered to the treatment area with precision during every treatment.

Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring Handpieces


The Shallow Handpiece is designed for skin tightening and superficial cellulite

  • 5.6cm Large
  • Induces more concentrated and superficial heating
  • Aimed to solubilise the fibrous collagen fibres and induce the shrinkage of the most superficial collagen fibres. This provides both a tightening and remodelling effect on the superficial connective tissue
Handpiece for Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring - Small


The Deep Handpiece is designed to target fat and deep cellulite

  • 6.6cm large
  • Induces a larger and deeper heating
  • Aimed at producing controlled hyperthermia which causes a molecular oscillation on the adipocytes and solubilising deeper collagen fibres to induce lipolysis of the fat cells and the remodelling of the collagen fibres by the fibroblast activation

Both Handpieces are integrated with LED indicators that guide the operator for maximum treatment efficiency and safety.

Before & After
Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring - Before and After3
Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring - Before and After1
Onda Coolwaves Body Contouring - Before and After2


SOURCEMicrowaves – Coolwaves TM
SMART HANDPIECES Deep: 6.6cm – 35 cm2

Shallow: 5.5 cm -25 cm2

LED system control to provide an intuitive guide to the operator during procedure

HANDPIECE COOLINGIntegrated Skin Cooler
GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE10.4” Colour Display Touch Screen
DATA BASEIntegrated Tutorial with Treatment Protocol
DIMENSIONS 397 (W) mm x 1104 (H) mm x 692 (D) mm

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