2nd Generation IPL Laser Technology, performance of 3 Lasers in 1 Device
Code: IFL

Exclusive New IFL technology is allowing to calibrate the light beam in such a way as to concentrate the emission of energy on particular wavelengths according to the required treatment.

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Advanced Hair Removal Technology made in Europe. The Performance of 3 Lasers in 1 Device.

Thanks to the extraordinary features of this new source it is possible to calibrate a light beam in order to concentrate energy emissions in three specific wavelengths, 700 nm, 810 nm, 890 nm, depending on the treatment required.

IFL technology Incoherent Fast Light – is a revolutionary technology that takes advantage of an uncollimated variable emission power source. These wavelengths allow energy to effectively and precisely reach the target chromophore, avoiding unnecessary dispersion and improving final results.

Advanced Italian Technology delivers exceptional fast, effective and painless hair removal treatments without having
the filter in contact with the skin. Provides Speed of emission up to 3.3 pulses per second (more than 20 cm per second).

Cost effective ownership with no consumable costs, no tips, no cards, no hassles