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The Smart Solution for Corneal Transplantation. Unique hands-free cutting experience where preciseness meets simplicity with flexibility.

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Precision and Reliability

Gebauer SLc Original precision engineered heads with pre-mounted blades accurately accomplish the desired lamella thickness with outstanding repeatability resulting in excellent surgical outcomes for both patients and surgeons
The unique Doc Assistant enables users to experience a distinct hands-free cutting procedure. Hands-free avoids any irregular hand movements that may occur during the cutting process from a downward pressure or rotational pressure on the donated cornea. This user independent procedure safeguards precise and repeatable results on every pass.

The advanced SLc Original Hand-Piece with two microprocessor controlled motors operated by an ergonomic foot pedal ensures a consistent dissection each and every time, providing repeatable motionless handling throughout the entire procedure, independent of user. The stainless steel re-usable Artificial Anterior Chamber provides a locked holding position for perfect cornea–scleral centering.


The SLc Original System offers a choice of Single-Use or Re-Usable Heads for DSAEK, U-T DSAEK and ALK, generating the ideal adaptation and configuration for each customer‘s individual requirements, thus creating a tailored cost /performance ratio. The Gebauer SLc Original offers the widest range of cutting depths available on the market. The SLc Single-Use Heads are precision engineered, complete with pre-mounted blade in cutting depths of 160µm, 250µm, 300µm, 350µm, 375µm, 400µm, 425µm, 450µm, 475µm, 500µm, 525µm, 550µm, 575µm and 600 µm accomplishing the desired lamella with just One Pass. The SLc Original Re-Usable stainless steel Heads create lamellae with the thickness of either 450µm, 500µm, 550µm or 600µm. The precision engineered design, complete with applanation plate results in a consistent thickness with superior quality edges, thus achieving U-T DSAEK lamellae in only One Pass. The Gebauer SLc Original is a unique design for potential advancements and evolving procedures in corneal surgery which offers the potential for upgrades at a later stage throughout its life cycle, thus making the SLc Original a sustainable long term investment.

Ease of Use

With the Click-and-Go principle, Gebauer has facilitated SLc Original users with a unique, easy and intuitive setup process each and every time. The outcome is the shortest preparation time between surgeries, higher patient turnover, no errors in setup process and a quick user-friendly learning curve for all personnel.

Benefits for surgeons and patients:

Precision engineered heads creating U-T DSAEK / DSAEK lamellae with the “One Pass” technique providing precise repeatable results.

Unique hands free cutting experience with the SLc Doc Assistant.

Click and Go principle ensuring shortest preparation time.

Achieve sub 100µm grafts with One Pass and only one DSAEK head.




Brochure Gebauer SLc Original– The Smart Solution for Corneal Transplantation

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