The complete beauty salon fume extraction system.

PureBEAUTY Indications

The PureBEAUTY fume extraction system is the ultimate solution for:
  • Brazilian Keratin Treatments
  • Blowouts
  • Chemical Control
  • Hair Removal
  • Blending & Granulation
  • Hair Dye/Bleaching
  • Nail Dust
  • Nail Filing
  • Manicures
  • Nail Varnising
  • more…
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PureBEAUTY with filter

PureBEAUTY Overview

The BOFA PureBEAUTY extraction system has been especially designed for the hair and beauty industry to extract and remove harmful fumes and air borne dust generated in the salon environment.

Many of the current nail desk extractors simply recirculate the solvent laden air within the salon. The multi-layered pre and chemical filters in the BOFA PureBEAUTY capture all the contaminants and return clean air into the salon.

Ideal for the salon environment, the PureBEAUTY extraction system will fit easily into any salon, without the need to replace existing nail stations or furniture.

PureBEAUTY Key Features

Advanced Carbon Filter Technology

Advanced Carbon Filter (ACF) Technology

ACF assures safe capture and removal of hazardous fumes.
Contaminated air must remain in contact with the carbon bed for a period of time sufficient to ensure that no contaminants or odours are emitted (‘dwell time’). BOFA product designs consider the balance between air flow rates and the type, depth and surface area of the carbon used to ensure suitability for the contaminants associated with the application and to ensure that appropriate dwell times are achieved.
BOFA filters have been developed to capture all contaminants and odours, eliminating the risk of bypass and/or tunnelling.


Mobile FumeKART Arms

BOFA provides a variety of arms of different widths, from 32mm to 75mm, to ensure optimum airflow for your application.
They have created a multitude of nozzles and funnels so you can choose the most appropriate one for your process.
BOFA funnel and nozzle arms are also available in stainless steel, with the LED light arms being available in black or white.
As well as a standard range of arms, nozzles and funnels, BOFA has the LocLINE desktop mountable heavy duty 75mm hose kit arm which can be adjusted to almost any angle and provides a secure and sturdy extraction point. A choice of nozzles and slide valves complete the range.
BOFA LED light arms can be mounted into their unique flip top mount and can be easily moved to the best required angle. There are 8 LED lights at the end of the funnel, creating a clearer, better lit work space.

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