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 One of the fastest growing medical treatments in Australia is vaginal rejuvenation.

A weak and lax pelvic floor muscle can indeed cause lack of sexual pleasure for the women and loss of friction for her partner. The looseness of the vagina is often associated with urinary control problems and bulging of the bowel into the floor of the vagina.  Tightening of the vagina will enhance sexual pleasure of the woman and her male partner.  At the same time, correction for uterine prolapse, perineal repair ( the distance between the vagina and anal opening is shortened, in a procedure known as perineoplasty) and anecdotal evidence of urinary leakage improvements. Your sex drive can be renewed through a safe plastic surgery procedure known as Vaginaplasty, Vaginoplasty or Pelvic Floor repair.

Other Women born with large, irregular and uneven labia(vaginal inner lips). Women have 2 pairs labias, the inner labia(inner vaginal lips) and an outer labia (outer Vaginal lips). The abnormal labia can be diagnosed in all ages starting from 14 years of age onwards. This redundant skin can be unhygienic and uncomfortable during sex. The inner labia that protrude beyond the outer lips cause chaffing, especially in tight clothing, is generally less appealing aesthetically and may cause urinary infections. The procedure to correct this condition is Known as Labiaplasty or Labioplasty. Labiaplasty can refer to the inner labia (labia minora) or outer labia (labia Majora).

The Pubic area can develop “unwanted pockets of fat”. This can cause “uncomfortable large bulge” in the Mons Pubis. It shows through tight clothing and can be embarrassing in intimate situation. The recommended procedure for this condition is either Pubic liposuction or pubic lift.

The appearance and function of female genitalia can be restored through a variety of procedures, collectively known as “Vaginal rejuvenation procedures”. There are many options available to correct and enhance the appearance of the vagina, which can be discussed with our doctor in a confidential consultation.

The current market situation for GSM and Vaginal Laxity conditions.