Youlaser MT family

Youlaser MT family

The ultimate fractional Dual Co2 and Erbium Glass laser for Skin rejuvenation, scar treatment and gynaecology care


The world’s most versatile fractional dual laser
  • Acne Scar revision
  • Dermatologic Surgery
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Skin Laxity
  • Atrophy and Laxity of the Vaginal Mucosa


The fractional YOULASER MT utilises Quanta Systems revolutionary Mixed TechnologyTM to combine the gold-standards of 10,600nm (Co2) and 1540nm (Erbium Glass) wavelengths in a sequential or simultaneous modality for ablative, non-ablative and combined skin resurfacing.

The combined emission of two wavelengths maximises the advantages of non-ablative and ablative fractional lasers in just one session allowing aesthetic practitioners to achieve exceptional results on a range of skin concerns with minimal downtime.


  • Maintenance-free no consumables
  • Minimal discomfort and down-time
  • Extreme Reliability and Stability
  • Adjustable Ablation/Coagulation Ratio
  • Fast high-quality RF-driven CO2 and GaAs 1540nm
  • Optional Upgrade to Shelase gynaecological scanner

The Innovative Youlaser MT can emit 1540 nm and 10600 nm wavelengths in the same micro-dot with sequential or simultaneous emissions. The non-ablative 1540 nm wavelength creates deep microchannels within the skin whilst the ablative Co2 wavelength removes microdot tissue. This technology utilises the benefits of both fractional lasers to change the surface of the skin as well as deep collagen fibres.

Combining the two laser wavelengths means a controllable balance of ablation and coagulation depth for new and more effective treatment standards.

Innovative Quanta Scanner Designed with Safety in mind

To assist the operator further, Quanta introduced the new Optisim feature. OptiSim is a simulator that estimates the effect of the two lasers on the skin.

This innovative feature assists the operator during their treatments to estimate:

  1. Depth of Coagulation
  2. Depth of ablation
  3. Percentage of treated area

Allowing for fine adjustment of the laser parameters, more treatment precision for more predictable results. An important feature for safety of treatment and recovery time estimation.

  • Treat extensive areas more precisely, safely and rapidly
  • Equipped with a Touch Screen with intuitive graphic user interface for fast easy setup of treatment parameters
  • Special graph design shows the pulse configuration taken by the operator
  • OptiSim (Opti simulator) estimates the effect of the two lasers on the skin

Histology Results

Youlaser MT produces a fractional pattern with spaced micro-dots of coagulated and ablated tissue. Used in Mixed Mode, the wound dimension is related to the total energy delivered by both lasers. The Mixed Modality produces effects similar to ablative treatments with almost no down-time for patients. Dermatologic surgery also benefits from using Mixed Mode due to higher precision of coagulation and ablation rates.

The histology results show complete skin reepithelization in 3 days.


Surgical Handpiece

Surgical Handpiece available for plastic and dermatological procedures with different spot dimensions to guarantee the most complete range of procedures

YouLaser MT can be upgrade with Shelase handpiece for Vaginal mucosa atrophy and vulvar reshaping.

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Youlaser MT
Youlaser MT Technical Specifications

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