How to Start a Med Spa - Grand Opening

Now that you have done all the ground work, it is time for the celebration to kick in! With the date of opening your spa all set, send invites to everyone you can think of and their acquaintances.

Use the social media profile, send emails, and ask your friends to invite people they know.

Make a professional sign for inviting people who would show up on the opening day. Make sure your place can accommodate the crowd. An open house type of party is best as you will not have to worry about the space constraints.

The best time for opening would be during mid-week and between 3 and 8 pm. Saturday is also an ideal time to open.

Have snacks and drinks that can easily be taken standing up.

Have prize draws for cosmeceuticals, free treatments, and other services you offer.

Arrange for free goodies and samples from your vendors to be distributed on opening day.

Be ready to sell your packages from the first day onwards. Have the scheduling and register system all geared up to make appointments, sell products, and receive payments.

Announce offers for the first set of 19 or 20 who avail a particular laser therapy.

Make sure every guest attending the event should leave with a 20% discount coupon on treatments or free samples of products which have your contact information in them. This will increase the chances of them coming back again.

Following these tips sincerely will seriously notify success your address. All the best!