How to Start a Med Spa - Social Media

Create business pages, not profiles (which are for your personal use only) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ which are wonderful tools to kick start your business. If you prefer to begin with just one of them, Facebook is ideal for your medical spa practice.

Even if you are unable to set up your own website, creating your Facebook page is easy and best of all, it is free. This will be a sort of rehearsal for what your website will have eventually. 

Facebook Post Tips

You can post information about your medical spa, including photos and other treatment details and have your clients, friends, and family members like it. This will make your posts figure in their News Feed.

Sponsored posts and Facebook ads are great ways to have an incredibly large audience growth. And such ads cost you under $25 only. You can target female and male adults of any age range, location, and prepare ads for them.

Regular or frequents posts will keep you in the limelight but at the same time don’t post any unworthy news. Alternate medical spa related posts with general industry info.

Your main objective should be to attract a wide range of clients. So, keep the underlying tone friendly and welcoming, and avoid biased or negative opinions that may cause people to avoid your site.

Ensure the grammar and spellings are verified properly before the content is posted. Restrict the exclamation marks, all Caps, and emojis which make it too casual or fetch a conversational tone. Treat your business page as one to gain credibility.

Post client and staff photos or videos only after they allow you to do so. Ensure the posts have personality and use them to attract more visitors.