Crucial Checklist before You Buy a Laser for Your Tattoo Removal Practice

Adding an aesthetic laser enhances value for your practice. It is a profitable investment you make that has the potential to initiate unmitigated growth. Hence due consideration should be given to purchasing the appropriate laser.

Knowing about the laser manufacturer is a positive step towards forging a lasting relationship that will ensure you have continuous support from the company.

Here are some factors to verify before you decide on purchasing a laser for your business:

How appropriate the tattoo removal laser is?

Each practice will have specific goals. It is, therefore, crucial to know whether the tattoo removal laser meets with your particular requirements which may include:

  • The power capacity of the system
  • The ink colours the laser is effective on
  • The time taken for warming up of the laser
  • Sufficient space in your practice for the laser
  • The type of applications you are aiming at using the laser for procedures other than tattoo removal
  • Reliability of the laser
  • Basic or advanced laser

You need to consider the daily requirements for laser tattoo removal in your practice and the appropriate features you need in relation to efficacy, reliability, and functionality.

How reliable is the laser company?

Most of the laser practices and skin care clinics have been in the laser tattoo removal field for over a decade now and have experienced the ups and downs of the industry. They have seen several companies enter the fray and witnessed a few trusted and reliable companies that have withstood the changing market trends.

Such leading practitioners can be identified by the following criteria:

-Multiple clinics

-Huge patient volume

-Extensive tattoo ink colour treatments

-Treatment for all skin types

-Valuable reputation

-Upgraded laser equipment

Find out the laser companies these practices prefer for upgrading their equipment and the brands they trust. You will then be able to decide on the reliable and trusted manufacturer you want to buy from.

Full-fledged Laser Training

Adding laser treatment to your existing practice requires addressing an entirely new set of treatment protocols, side effects management, and much more. Some factors to consider in training include:

  • Trainer should be proficient in tattoo removal
  • The experience of the manufacturer in tattoo removal laser equipment sales and service
  • The training time provided by the company
  • Type of training provided such as hands-on training, topics reviewed in didactic part of training, and whether certifications are provided for the trainees
  • Scheduling of patients for training are done by some companies
  • Paperwork and patient forms too are provided by the company which can reduce your workload

Since training is essential to have a head start with the innovative treatment, ensure the company you choose has the right credentials and offers good support. When you want to upgrade your laser practice, you may need to hire more operators who may need additional training. The company should also be ready to provide additional training when needed. Hence choosing a reliable laser company that provides continuous support is very crucial to flourish in this business.

We provide additional and complimentary training throughout our maintenance and preventative visits to your establishment and also offer training to all new staff without any additional charges.

Marketing Support

Marketing is vital to ensure your laser tattoo removal practice is profitable. With the right marketing efforts, you can be guaranteed of a steady stream of patients and a high return on your investment.

The level of marketing support offered by companies differs from offering a minor level of support to offering good support in a larger scale.

Printed materials, such as posters, brochures, marketing guides, and directory listing are the usual stuff that laser companies provide. But you need to look for more effective marketing tools, such as press releases, management of PPC, customized content, and much more which save much of the time and money you spend on marketing, especially if you are just beginning or have a restricted marketing budget.

Exemplary Support

Since lasers for tattoo removal are essentially complicated devices, they should be maintained properly for smooth performance.

As a professional laser mechanic is required for servicing the different tools and parts required for the procedure, you should ensure that appropriate and prompt service is provided by the manufacturer.

If you are forced to wait for weeks before your support issues are cleared, it may cost you heavily both in terms of reputation and revenue. It is wise to enquire with the manufacturer about the waiting period for emergency services and the average downtime annually required for the laser system.

Look for testimonials and reviews of the company’s service performance and if possible communicate with the existing clients of the manufacturer to ensure the quality of support the manufacturer provides.

Consider Extended Warranty

There is a limited one year warranty provided with almost all new lasers for tattoo removal. This includes equipment warranty and separate warranty on flash lamp pulse count. Since lasers for tattoo removal can last easily up to 10 years when maintained properly, you should often consider extended warranty.

Extended warranties are preferred by several practices to ensure their investment is safe and also to confirm they receive regular maintenance service.

The extended warranty charges usually vary based on the manufacturer. Some companies have an expensive extended warranty to gain profits from the service section and increase the revenue from their steady client stream. Some manufacturers refuse to provide services outright unless you buy an extended warranty.

But such manufacturers are few and far between. You can avoid such issues by verifying beforehand about the extended warranties, the maintenance visits, and the costs they require and whether service is provided even after the contract ends.

Technical Services

Inquire about the technical service provided as some laser manufacturers, especially beginners or dealers of used lasers do not possess internal technical professionals. To service highly specialized lasers, such as Q-switched variety, a technician should have expert knowledge about it.

Most companies do not have the expertise or funds needed to have a separate service section. Such companies use freelancers who often do not possess the desired specialization in servicing a particular laser brand or technology and also do not possess access to the various parts needed. Make inquiries regarding the company to verify whether they provide appropriate service.

Upgrading Options

Usually, the types of practices purchasing tattoo removal laser differ. While some begin with the most advanced lasers, there are others who begin with the most basic variety and then upgrade as they establish their practice. And there are a few who lie in between these two categories. However, if you have started out with a basic level laser, going for an upgrade is a wise move due to the following benefits:

  • You can see quicker and more effective results
  • Faster treatment process
  • Successful ink removal in fewer sessions
  • New equipment with warranty
  • Improved usability and functionality

Although used equipment is not taken back by laser manufacturers, you can consider adding another system to your existing laser or ask about the upgrade choices you have for your laser tattoo removal practice.

Rapport with the Laser Company

The reputation and reliability of laser manufacturers differ, so it is vital that you choose a manufacturer who values your specific objectives. While some rely on advertising alone, there are some that concentrate more on providing the right information to clients. Look for a trusted consultant company that does not pressurize you unnecessarily.

If you have narrowed down two good manufacturers with the help of the list above, you should decide on the manufacturer whom you will like to have an enduring relationship with. Since you need the assistance of the manufacturer during the initial stages of your laser tattoo removal practice, it is necessary you have a good rapport.

Financing Assistance

Lasers for tattoo removal are expensive and come under capital equipment procurement. Most laser buyers adopt financing method for the purchase. Most companies offer financing assistance either via a leasing firm or via the local bank.

If a local bank is financing, you should have a proper business plan and detailed information on the ROI for tattoo removal lasers. This may be an overwhelming task if you are a newbie or procuring capital equipment. Seeking assistance from the laser manufacturer for resources and support in this regard will help.

Even if you are paying for the purchase, look for part payment options or other flexible options, so the investment on the lasers is a profitable one for you.

With all these tips in place and when followed properly, we find no reason why your venture on procuring a laser for your clinic cannot be a successful one!