About Aussie Medi Tech

Aussie Medi Tech is a leading provider specialising in the latest European medical aesthetic devices across Australia and New Zealand

Our Mission

To provide advanced research-based devices that deliver exceptional clinical results for your clients, supported with our exceptional customer service.

Our Vision

To be the preferred partner of choice for aesthetic medical professionals and to empower our clients to provide outstanding patient outcomes from treatments using innovative and superior devices.

Jim Norman from Aussie Medi Tech with Girolamo Lionetti: CEO of Quanta System
Our Partnerships

Aussie Medi Tech was established by Jim Norman in 1997 in the Northern Beaches. As a result of over 30 years of experience in the medical and aesthetic field and a background of Electronic Engineering, Jim Norman recognised the need for a provider supporting medical and aesthetic professionals with quality scientific driven devices from Europe.


Jim Norman specialises in the field of medical lasers and optics. As a result of extensive work across countries such as France, Chile, South Africa, Belgium and Australia, Jim began working on Nd:Yag Lasers in 1982. His knowledge and expertise as an application specialist developed whilst working in the research and development department at Thomson CSF (now known as Thales Group) in France, a major electronics supplier to the defence, aerospace, airlines and transportation sectors.

We believe that delivering optimum outcomes for your patients is key to growing your practice. Our focus is on safety and efficacy to ensure that you can focus on exceptional clinical results and better outcome.


Our diverse team bring together extensive scientific, medical and business knowledge.  Committed to helping aesthetic professionals enhance their practice with best-in-class Italian and German-made aesthetic laser solutions.


Jim Norman from Aussie Medi Tech with Monica Cattaneo: Sales Manager of Novavision Group