The Next Generation Radio Frequency Machine with Fractional Micro-needling RF


4PLUS RF Machine is the second-generation Italian Engineered RF. It uses the power of Dynamic Quadripolar Radiofrequency (DQRFTM) technology. 4PLUS is an innovative RF technology Machine, designed to focus energy emission precisely on three different tissue layers, using gentle heat to stimulate subdermal collagen production and tissue remodelling, whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Ideal for aesthetic practices looking to provide patients with safe, comfortable and minimally-invasive treatments for the face and body, all in one platform.

4PLUS RF Machine Advantages


  • Dynamic Quadripolar Technology
  • Multiapplication Platform for Face and Body
  • Six Technologies in One Platform
  • No Energy lost during treatment
  • Focused action on Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis
  • Five hand-pieces including Fractional RF with 32 gold-plated pins
  • No-downtime, No need for anaesthesia or cooling systems
Novaclinical 4Plus - Technology

4PLUS is an innovative technology RF Machine, that utilises FOUR electrodes, designed to focus energy emission precisely on three different tissue layers, using heat to stimulate subdermal collagen production and tissue remodelling, whilst leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. Through a self-guided system, 4PLUSTM stimulates various physiological processes with carefully managed emissions, to maximise efficiency and safety. The 4PLUS RF Machine technology by Novavison, has been clinically proven to reduce skin wrinkles and improve skin tightening. Patients notice an immediate benefit in improved skin tone and texture, with ongoing improvements over 3 to 6 months.

Novavision 4Plus Applications Included


Harnessing the power of Radiofrequency (RF) to provide effective and safe treatments

4Plus Technologies Included explained

Variable radiofrequency technology(VRFTM )

4PLUSTM includes the VRFTM, Radio Frequency Machine which unlike other RF devices on the market,  automatically adjusts a range of pre-set frequencies to treat deep dermal layers, for face and body contouring, and depending on the target areas, without causing damage to outer tissue layers.

Radiofrequency Safety System(RSSTM )

The integrated RSS™ technology in 4Plus RF Machine, combines the assisting action of a movement sensor, together with a real time temperature sensor, which ensures effective and safe treatments with no risk of thermal damage. The motion sensor monitors the movement of the handpiece, and prevents excessive stationary positions, in order to avoid harmful administration of heat to the dermis. The skin temperature sensor allows the operator to evaluate whether the desired effects are being obtained (increase in temperature), all while safeguarding the tissue from excessive increases, which is automatically limited by the system, warning the operator, and eventually blocking the energy emission.

Fractional Radiofrequency Handpiece (4RFH™)

The 4RFH™ is an exclusive technology that allows to perform fractional skin treatments. This consists of a fractional hand-piece that includes 32 gold plated pins, each with 12 contact points for a total of 384 µNeedlesTM.

The 4RFH™  promotes the renewal of the skin texture and its physiological turn-over, with no downtime.

  • 32 contact pins, configurable via the software
  • 384 µNeedles™ in contact with the skin for increased effectiveness
  • each pin with its own calibrated pressure system to bypass the epidermis
  • bio-compatible and removable tip for easy cleaning and maintenance

Needled Fractional Radiofrequency (4NFR™)

4NFR handpiece features 32 gold-plated needles designed for precise action to reach deeper layers of tissue.

Ultra Pulsed Radioporation (UPR™)

Enhance results with the UPR (Ultra Pulsed Radiopoetion) technology a recent development of DQRF that facilitates penetration of topicals. UPR (Ultra Pulsed Radiopoetion) is able to create aqueous channels in the membrane cells and therefore allow deep penetration of actives that normally cannot be absorbed by the skin easily, such as hyaluronic acid, lipolytic agents and vitamins.

VDRTM , Vaginal Dynamic Radiofrequency

DQRFTM  technology for vulvo-vaginal applications. VDRTM  is based on the Dynamic Quadripolar Non-Ablative energy emission that automatically configures a group of four electrodes to facilitate the formation of buffering electrical fields which focus the energy required on the targeted layer of vaginal tissue leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed.

This feature is an optional upgrade.


Five Handpieces customized for your client needs

4Plus RF Machine is equipped with ergonomically designed light handpieces for different applications

  • 4NFRTM for face, neck and body
  • 4RFHTM for face, neck and body
  • Small area handpiece
  • Medium area handpiece
  • Large area handpiece
Before & After
4Plus Quadripolar Radio Frequency - Before and After 3
4Plus Quadripolar Radio Frequency - Before and After 1
4Plus Quadripolar Radio Frequency - Before and After 2


DQRFTM Technology 1MHz dynamic quadripolar
UPR™ Technology Ultra Pulsed Radioporation
VRF™ Technology Variable Radiofrequency
RSS™ Technology Handle’s movement detector

Pyrometric temperature sensor


4RFH™ Technology Fractional Dynamic Quadripolar RF with 32 gold-plated pins and

384 μNeedles

4NFR™ Technology Factional Dynamic Quadripolar RF with 32 gold-plated Needle
HANDLE/TIPS Small areas handle

Medium areas handle

Large areas handle

4RFH™ handle

4NFR™ handle

CONTROL UNIT Multiprocessor system 1,2GHz 64 bit ARM

LCD display with high resolution color

Capacitive, multitouch touch-screen system

Remote update and service (IoMT)

Wired, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB

Rotative Encoder

RF POWER 55 Watts
POWER SUPPLY 240Vac 50/60Hz 90VA
DIMENSION (LxHxW) 450 x 477 x 486 mm

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