Our partnerships with Quanta System, Novavision, Deka and Zimmer allow us to provide our customers with the most innovative, scientific-based aesthetic solutions that produce real results.

Quanta System

Founded in 1985, Quanta System is an Italian company that offers innovative laser systems, specialising in Surgery, Aesthetics and Art Conservation. Quanta System carries out the entire process of research, development and production of lasers for worldwide use at its Headquarters. The standard lasers are tested and qualified for operating under all conditions including aeroplanes. They guarantee long-term operation and reduce the need for maintenance to a minimum.

Quanta System has installed thousand of laser devices around  the world, satisfying the most heterogeneous demands of its client. There standard lasers are tested and qualified for operating under all conditions, even on aeroplanes. They guarantee long-term operation and reduce the need for maintenance to a minimum with better performance.

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Novavision Group SpA is a well-established high-tech Italian company founded in 1986. Novavision specialises in the design and production of aesthetic devices aimed at aesthetic professionals, dermatologists and gynaecologists. All equipment are made in Italy and are 100% produced directly by Novavision, ensuring constant innovation, quality control and Italian character.
Novavision Group is a dynamic and flexible Italian company characterized by an innovative and high technological profile, accomplished to comprehend various productive realities

Novavision are producer a complete range of:
1. Electro-medical devices for noninvasive aesthetic treatments
2. Cosmeceutics

To complete the offering of:
1. Private clinics
2. Pharmacies
3. Best beauty salons Aimed at fulfilling the needs of the most demanding clients in the beauty market


DEKA designs, manufactures and markets medical lasers and body contouring devices for the field of dermatology, aesthetic medicine and gynaecology. For over 30 years of pioneering research and innovative thinking, DEKA has produced systems such as the revolutionary ONDA, a microwave platform featuring CoolwavesTM for all body shaping needs; the MonaLisa Touch for intimate feminine care as well as platforms for many specialised fields like surgery, aesthetic medicine and dentistry

Innate Ability is DEKA’s answer to the juxtaposition between man and machine,  digital world and physical world, and between the need for manual skill and the propensity for speed. While the world is talking about emerging technologies – like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – we, with a mix of anticipation and trepidation, are decoding the future and the present with our Innate Ability, constructed from the solid mix of experience, skill and talent that permeate our very nature; a reliable mix that is difficult to replicate in other worlds and contexts. With Innate Ability we have been working for decades to support doctors and there reputation, making life easier for doctors and patients all over the world with high performance, efficient and safe solutions. Before AI we use IA, our human Innate Ability.

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Deka Laser Solutions
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ZIMMER Medizin Systems

Located in Bavaria, Southern Germany, Zimmer produces outstanding German-made products with award winning designs. With over 50 years of experience Zimmer Medizin Systeme has become one of the leading European manufactures for reliable, well designed and easy to use technology that offer innovative advances to medical systems. Through modern engineering techniques and with a quality assured department for testing, Zimmer sets new standards for future innovative products backed by research and results.