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The art of beauty with Simple luxury


Luxurious Skin Care Line for the Face and Body
  • Anti-Aging
  • Dry Skin
  • Skin with Dyschromia
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Combination Skin
  • Stressed Skin


Transform your client’s skin, with this High-quality luxurious cosmeceutical range inspired by pharmaceutical methodologies in the selection and processing of actives.

IO’ is a complete line of HIGH COSMESIS, rich in natural active ingredients and carefully selected raw materials for the treatment of face and body. The active ingredients are certified and selected with care to be of highest quality.

The innovation factor that differentiates IÓ line from competitors is the meeting between sophisticated actives coming from biotechnology and natural ingredients coming from plant and marine life.

The exceptional high quality of the IO’ Line is guaranteed by innovative procedures in selecting and processing active ingredients in the same process that is used in pharmaceutical production.

IO’ seeks active solutions with the aim of preventing and correcting skin perfections with a focus on effectiveness.


  • Biomimetic peptides
  • High percentage of natural active ingredients
  • Complete line of products formulated for the specific needs of different skin types
  • Safety with high Quality: raw materials are carefully selected
  • Light and heat compatible products
  • Linear, elegant and clean packaging
  • Proven efficacy: in vivo and in vitro test; no animal testing.
  • Direct and constant collaboration with chemists, biologists, doctors and prestigious universities
  • Complete professional line available

IO’ SKINCARE BIOTECH products are studied and tested to offer the maximum result both for cosmetics treatments and treatments combined with professional aesthetics and medical devices.


BIOMIMETICAL PEPTIDES are molecules that have the ability to mimic the operation mechanisms of the skin.

There are seven key elements in the IO™ philosophy for the treatment and prevention of facial skin imperfections:


Impurities and dead cells impede your skin from breathing. Proper and gentle cleansing along with effective exfoliation encourage cell renewal, giving your skin a new light and energy.


Dehydrated skin appears thin, asphyxiated and unattractive. To hydrate it correctly, the IO™ method uses innovative and powerful formulations.


The metabolic activity of each cell in our body is guaranteed by the transport of the correct amount of oxygen through microcirculation; thanks to the knowledge, of theese principles IO™ has designed formulations able to promote and facilitate vascularisation processes.


IO™ Minimizes the disequilibrium of mixed and/or oily skin type and counteracts excessive bacterial proliferation.


Our skin is subject to the consequences of our lifestyle. We can help by providing it with all the nutrients, amino acids, peptides, vitamins, antioxidants and oils it needs. Nourished skin is more toned and supple, and looks younger, demonstrating a biological age that is much lower than the chronologic one.


IO™ it supports the enhancement of stimulation techniques for collagen and elastin neo-synthesis thanks to formulations designed for synergic use with biotechnology.


Healthy skin keeps its defence mechanisms intact. The unique and innovative formulation of IO™, in synergy with the most advanced biotechnology methodologies, guarantees the restoration, the maintenance and the proper activity of natural defences of skin, ensuring the proper balance of salts, amino acids, water and lipids.

The IO seven beauty families

Seven families, seven specialties, and seven different and specific approaches to each phase of the beauty routine of our face. IO line of skin care products are highly specialized to offer effective responses to every need.

The seven IO families are disguised by specific colors that accompany the logo on the packaging

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