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IFL Advanced IPL Technology Indications 

Novaestetyc IFL - Incoherent Fast Light Advanced IPL

IFL Advanced IPL Technology Overview

IFL Advanced IPL Technology (Incoherent Fast Light) is a revolutionary new technology that takes advantage of the characteristics of incoherent light.  Thanks to this new source of light it is possible to modulate the light beam in such a way as to concentrate the emission of energy in specific wavelengths suitable for the treatment performed. These wavelengths allow the energy to accurately and efficiently reach the target chromophore for the particular treatment carried out, without wasting energy on other chromophores, thus resulting in more enhanced treatment outcomes. The emission speed of the incoherent source treats up to 21cm2 of tissue per second. Resulting in FAST, EFFECTIVE and PAINLESS treatments.


  • SAFE Integrated UV filter directly in the light source. Filters not directly in contact with the skin
  • FAST High speed emission, up to 3.3 pulses per second, covering more than 20cm²/sec
  • EFFECTIVE Dynamic electromagnetic spectrum for the greatest effectiveness of the treatment
  • VERSATILE Different technology modes for the treatment of different blemishes and conditions
  • SuperburstTM Mode A program emits a sequence of fast pulses that increases the temperature in the dermis, thus causing the reconstruction of collagen fibers that results in immediate TIGHTENING EFFECT
  • HYGIENIC Filter support frame made with biocompatible polymer material.
  • PRECISE Providing energy on specific wavelengths for an optimal photo-epilation: 700nm, 810nm, 890nm at the same time
IFL Advantages

Photo-Epilation is a process based on the selective photo-thermolysis of hair follicules, allowing melanin contained in the hairs to absorb light. Hairs are thus thermally removed thanks to very high temperatures reached. Surrounding tissue is unaffected, and the outcome is a significant reduction in the number of hairs and a reduction in regrowth.

Skin photo-rejuvenatons is a non-invasive, safe and effective technology that fights skin aging and often reduced pigmented lesios. The photo-thermal process is effectively and safely carried out by IFLTM thanks to “SU-PER-BURST” mode, that guarantess the perfect balance of light and health, low levels of energy issued and safety. The light flash stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin in the dermis, improving the compactness of the skin, revitalising the texture and reducing wrinkles.

IFL Photo-Epilation

The photons emitted by the IFL™ technology-based device causes a photo-chemical reaction that neutralizes the P.Acne reducing the inflammation of acne papulosa. On dyschromias (i.e. hyper-pigmentation), the light produces a controlled burn that results in a photo-peeling effect, suitable for treating several kinds of lentigo. Scars and stretch marks can also be minimized by IFL™: their plasticity is improved as the instrument produces a photo-simulation of collagen production and a photocoagulation of erythemas. When treating minor vascular lesions, the heat generated by the polychromatic pulse produces the photocoagulation of the erythroses present in the upper part of the body: couperose, rosacea,  poikilodermia.

IFL_Spectre Chart
IFL Hand-piece Side View
IFL Hand-piece
Before & After
IFL Before and After_ Acne
IFL Before and After - Hair Removal
IFL Before and After_ Acne


Power Supply 220 – 240Vac 50/60Hz

(available other power supply voltage)

Source Type IFL™ technology property of Novavision Group with

Xenon source and built-in filter

CoolingBidistilled water and forced air cooling
Emission SpectrumFrom 420 nm to 950 nm
Emission Mode Single-pulse, repetition, SuperBurst, IFL™ slow, IFL™

medium, IFL™ fast

Filter420 nm, 520 nm, 550 nm, 600 nm and 650 nm

additional filters

Stand Area20 mm x 50 mm (10 cm²)
Treated Area16 mm x 42 mm (6,5 cm²)
Power100 Joule
Dimensions W 53 x H 28 x D 43 cm
Weight28 Kgs

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