MT One Diamond

MT One Diamond

The most powerful 808 nm Diode laser for Hair Removal up to 800 W

MT One Diamond Indications

The most powerful Hair Removal diode laser 808nm for:
  • All skin types
  • All hair types (dark, medium and light)
  • Tanned skin
MT One Diamond welcome screen

MT One Diamond Overview

MT One Diamond is the cutting-edge choice for those who want to introduce laser hair removal in their clinic. MT One Diamond uses a very reliable high-energy Diode laser technology.
It is also intended for less experienced operators, with a user-friendly interface that allows a very fast learning curve.
The MT One Diamond diode handpiece allows safe and reliable treatments from dark skin types, thanks to the In Moving mode and the integrated Peltier Cell Cooling system, the only one in the market to offer 3 cooling levels from 0 to – 12° C.

MT One Diamond Advantages

  • Reliable and with no consumables
  • Short Learning Curve, easily usable by all operators
  • Ultra High Power Diode 808 nm up to 800 W
  • Powerful skin cooler with sapphire guide
  • Repetition rate up to 10 Hz
  • Fast treatment speed up to 19 cm2/sec
  • Pulse width from 10 to 200 ms
  • Ideal for dark skin types
  • Painless Treatments
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MT One Diamond Diode Laser Technology

MT One Diamond is a 808 nm coherent and unidirectional Laser Diode, that follows the principle of selective photothermolysis, which transforms the light energy produced by the laser source into thermal energy which is captured by melanin and transformed into heat, acting selectively on the hair bulb, in total respect of the surrounding tissue.
MT One Diamond can operate in two different modes:

  • STANDARD – Single shots
  • IN MOVING – Integrated high speed technology with shot sequences at speeds from 1 to 10 Hz for increased patient comfort during treatments

It is also equipped with a Dynamic Contact Cooling system able to cool down the handpiece tip and consequently the skin to -12 °C through a contact sapphire crystal with the possibility of 3-level adjustments, this feature makes it possible to treat delicate areas with less risk of side effects and less discomfort for the customer.

MT One Diamond Hand Piece


MT One Diamond
MT One Diamond Specs

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