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    Laser Carbon Peel is a fast and painless procedure also called “China-doll Peel” or “Hollywood Carbon Peel” that helps improve the look of the skin. This treatment is used primarily to improve oily skin, acne, and enlarged or clogged pores. It is also beneficial on the effects of sun damaged skin.

    Laser Carbon Peels are used to deeply exfoliate the skin and stimulate collagen production in order to tighten the skin reducing fine lines and wrinkles. They can help also to reduce acne, acne pigmentation, acne scarring, photoaging, enlarged and clogged pores. These particular conditions are also treated by chemical peels with some very important differences. Laser Carbon Peels use heat instead of chemicals to achieve results, they require no down-time and people with sensitive skin or particular skin conditions such as eczema will usually experience less irritation after a treatment.

    How does a Laser Carbon Peel treatment work?
    First of all it is a laser treatment meaning that all the before-care valid for laser treatments are also valid in Laser carbon peel.
    The treatment can take between 15 and 30 minutes, this is why sometimes we refer to it as “lunchtime peel”.
    The practitioner will traditionally spread a layer of liquid carbon on the face of the patient. The carbon will absorb oil, dirt and dead skin cells from the depth of the skin pores while drying. To help with the drying process the practitioner will use an Nd:YAG longer pulse duration, with low-energy setting, to heat the carbon and also bind it to the epidermis.
    If the patient has particular skin conditions like melasma, the practitioner may skip the heating process and let the carbon dry naturally.
    On a higher energy setting and very short pulse duration (such as Picosecond with a Pico Laser or Nanosecond with a Q-Switched laser) the laser is used to fragment the now “set” carbon into tiny particles.
    This operation causes the carbon together with the debris and impurities of the skin to evaporate creating very fine dust (it is highly recommended the use of a smoke evacuator as there are very severe health consequences for prolonged inhaling of carbon particles, and also because all the vaporised tiny particles can damage the optics of the laser).
    After the treatment the practitioner will also apply hydrating moisturiser cream and sunscreen to the treated area.

    NATURAPEEL - Quanta System's 100% Natural solution to Laser Carbon Peel

    Chrome NaturaPeel Handpiece

    NaturaPeel is the new Quanta System’s 100% Natural and Eco-Friendly solution to “Laser Carbon Peel” Treatments.
    The set features a new handpiece, engineered to protect the handpiece optics from debris and dust particles, and a revolutionary cream derived from the bamboo plant.
    The cream is composed by 90% of bamboo and by 10% of encapsulated active ingredients that DETOX the skin by targeting impurities and toxins, CLEANSE the skin removing dirt and oils and PROTECT the skin thanks to antioxidants and growth factors.
    NaturaPeel Set is available in Australia and New Zealand exclusively from Aussie Medi Tech and can be installed on all existing Quanta Q-Switched EVO platforms and Discovery Pico platforms.

    Before NaturaPeel Laser Carbon Peel Treatment After NaturaPeel Laser Carbon Peel Treatment
    Before NaturaPeel Laser Carbon Peel Treatment After NaturaPeel Laser Carbon Peel Treatment
    Before NaturaPeel Laser Carbon Peel Treatment After NaturaPeel Laser Carbon Peel Treatment


    • High Patient Satisfaction
    • Consistent Results
    • Excellent Return on Investment
    • No Consumables
    • No Discomfort or Downtime
    • Safe and Reliable